How to Know if an Online Casino is Real or a Fraudster

How to Know if an Online Casino is Real or a Fraudster

Checking which online casino is real and which one is a fraudster can be tricky, especially for beginners. With hundreds of gambling sites claiming to be the #1 or the top-rated casino site, there is no easy way to tell if what they are saying is correct.

If you want to identify a legit casino from one that isn’t, this guide is for you. Read on to know how to spot the signs between a real gambling site from a fraudster.

  • Too Good to be True Welcome Bonus Offer

online casino bonuses

Bonus offers are one of the best ways to get more value, especially for new players. However, when the offer is too good to be true, it can be quite alarming. Gambling sites offer these bonuses and promos to lure players into playing.

Don’t decide on signing up at a casino site based on its massive welcome bonus alone. Check other factors, listed below, if it’s a real gambling site or a fraudster.

  • Online Casino Valid Gaming License

Look for the necessary documents. A legit online casino will have a registration and license information. It's easy to tell if a gambling site is legitimate if they are open about their license information to players. Real casino sites will have these details plastered on their website.

Meanwhile, if the casino site doesn't offer any of this information or doesn't have a valid gaming license from a reputed regulator, you might want to steer clear.

  • Slow Paying or Not Paying At All

online casino payment

Forget about deposit options. You need to be more concerned with the withdrawal methods offered by casino sites if you want to know how to spot a real one from a fraudster.

Some gambling sites make it difficult for players to cash out their money. That way, gamblers will reuse their earnings to play on the site instead of withdrawing it, which will only benefit the casino.

Also, a slow-paying gambling site is something you might not want to associate with for good reasons. Payouts shouldn't take a couple of weeks before it clears into your account.

  • Clear Terms and Conditions

An easy to understand bonus terms and conditions is one telling sign that a casino makes real business. On the other hand, a fraudster tends to change its terms on the fly to avoid paying your earnings.

  • Read Online Casino Forums and Reviews

online casino forums

If you want to know if a casino site is real or a fraudster, read what other players say about a particular website from forums and reviews. You can get the best reference or warning from those who have tried that gambling site before.

However, don't check one review only. Cross-reference it to others to know if it is legitimate, and some other players experienced the same thing too.

There is nothing worse for an online casino player than to learn that you can’t cash out your earnings after pouring time and money into it because it's a scammy online casino, so choose wisely.

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